Carillon Radio

Our station is a collective of amazing people striving to entertain and work with the local community.

Carillon Radio is staffed, operated and supported entirely by volunteers who enjoy radio and like working with the local community. We support and promote equal opportunities and social inclusion and are willing to help any local cause where people are working in a voluntary or not for profit group.

Interested in volunteering as

How we work and what we do...

There are four main categories within the station each offering both training and volunteer work…

Presentation Staff

The presentation team are always looking for new volunteers from all age groups – so if you are between thirteen and ninety years of age there may be opportunities for you! A twelve week presentation course will cover all of the necessary groundwork to set the new trainee on a sound footing for having their own programme/air time on CARILLON RADIO. The station has three fully equipped studios with Sonifex S2 desks, CD, MD and computer playout systems. Our mobile studio can be used for broadcasts from anywhere within the UK to enable us to bring both atmosphere and interest to our listening audience.

Administration Staff

Carillon Radio produces a quarterly magazine which is locally printed to some of the highest standards available. The opportunity to write, photograph and be a local journalist is unique. Each quarter the magazine is compiled using our computers. Administration personnel also deal with the day-to-day running of a small office, answering correspondence, telephone calls and submitting information onto our website. Support for our programme controller and keeping records of material for the on-air staff is all part of the course.

Fundraising Staff

Fundraising at CARILLON RADIO should really be spelt ‘fun’ raising! Our work in the community is not only rewarding but also keeps the station afloat. Our mobile studio is usually the focal point for most of our fundraising activities, although during the summer months CARILLON RADIO tenders for compere work at local events. We have over the last few years competed with some of the biggest and best radio stations and have usually won. Please see our events and fundraising pages for further details of this unique fun opportunity.

Engineering Staff

Keeping a radio station on the air is a full-time job so we are fortunate enough to have our own engineering team. Our equipment is maintained to the highest of standards by our qualified engineers. An opportunity to be part of a programme is available to expand CARILLON RADIO’S services to other hospital sites.